About The Louisville Network

What is The Louisville Network?

I know a lot of you have been hearing quite a bit about The Louisville Network on social media. The intent of The Louisville Network is to create one master list of buyers for all off market deals to run through. This will allow all buyers to get a fair shot and opportunity at each deal and allow the wholesalers to do what they do best, sourcing deals.

Each deal will be sent out to the master list with a bid from a professional contractor (when applicable and available), the ARV (after repair value), and the purchase price. No more guesswork! Each assignable contract will be sent out with a CMA (comparative market analysis) from an established licensed realtor.

The wholesalers appreciate this because they don’t need to worry about marketing the assignable contract and The Louisville Network handles contract to close duties (working with lenders, title, etc). By getting the bid for a BRRRR (see last newsletter for more information on the BRRRR) and/or flip wholesalers can work backwards to create a Win-Win-Win price for the end buyer. The Louisville Network will also send out cash flowing opportunities as they come.

Many of my wholesalers believe if they could have gotten their deal in front of a few more people it would have sold, or sold for more than it actually did. Many of my buyers hear about fellow investor’s purchases and wish they could have had an opportunity to purchase as well. This should alleviate some of these issues!

The Louisville Network has the full support of Harry Borders, the hard money lenders, Frank Miller, and Mike Butler. They appreciate what The Louisville Network offers due to it allowing their students and clients to get in front of all the best deals out there!

If you’re an end buyer or wholesaler you’re going to want to know more about The Louisville Network! You can email Rob@TheLouisvilleNetwork.com for more information or sign up at www.TheLouisvilleNetwork.com.

About the Author: Rob Bergeron, ROI Louisville, Housing Associates, is a sponsor at KREIA and a KREIA Board Member. Rob enjoys helping wholesalers scale their business, helping his clients become work optional, and grabbing Chipotle while discussing all things real estate and financial independence.